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A centipede-like lindworm that guards Counter’s Tree forests.
Smart and powerful illusionists, they will do anything for
their territory, regardless of the consequences.

Instinct Category: Beast
Average lifespan - 1000-1500 yrs
Alignment: Neutral
Gender - 33% non-binary | 33% male | 33% female

Signature abilities:

Can take a humanoid form;
can regenerate its body upon taking major damage;
can spit draconic energy;
can create powerful illusions

Silcagons are long lindworms with four eyes and
insectoid traits, including a segmented shell, centipede-like legs
and pincers. Tendrils sprout from their underbellies and hollow horns.
Wings sprout between the segments on their backs, glowing
crystalline blues, greens and purples.
Sometimes they will appear as an armoured humanoid with fluid-like
hair, yet their eyesm horns and scaly skin are a tell to their true form.

Behaviour and Interactions:
A Silcagon eating from a Counter’s Tree is a sign of times long gone. Silcagons settle
in glitter-tree forest where powerful mortal creatures reside. Groups can span 3-4
generations, but it is more likely to find a lone adult who has watched a region
for centuries. Many have lived to see civilisations rise and fall on the land they call home,
retaining knowledge of their cultures. While they may not defend the people in their territory,
they can be convinced to help mortals if it will protect the land itself.
They are more diplomatic and cunning than they are strong. If their territory is lost,
they will turn to coercion, bargaining and trickery to get it back. Who they are
siding with does not matter; they will even switch sides if it could lead to
a better deal.

Appears in:


A Silcagon attacking Everygrey Valley,
Evergrey Valley Chapter 1: Keyframe

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