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Slime-girl seductresses that play on mortal desires. Rezcylines paint exactly what their
victims want to see in their minds, while the horrific truth of their work plays out.

Instinct Category: Corruptor
Average lifespan - 20,000 yrs
Alignment: Neutral
Gender - 45% female | 45% genderless | 10% male

Signature abilities:

Resin - a fluid that can
warp people’s bodies and minds when
absorbed into the skin.

Powerful psychic abilities

Clay - a harder material that
can mold new entities. Few
Rezcyline can form Rezcyline Clay,
its properties only known to
those that can.

While their resin colours may vary, Rezcyline appear as broken, half-melting, statue-like entities,
oozing the resin they produce from cracks in their hard skin. Hidden within them is a pulsing core,
from which their resin is produced. Their true forms give them hollow horns that drip resin, and a
red eyeball crystal on their chests. However, they tend to disguise themselves, unless driven to
change back.

Behaviour and Interactions:
Rezcyline act alone, targeting areas around their home-territory. They are molded from Rezcyline
Clay created by a mothering Rezcyline, or “Queen”, and may decide to either stay within or leave
their Queen’s legion once mature.
Interactions with Rezcyline are dangerous for mortals due to their powers. It’s even thought that
staring into a Rezcyline’s eyes is enough to entrance someone. Many Rezcyline will have
preferred targets, who they’ll seek out with little effort, but few are fussy, particularly when needing
to feed.



Trinka, a Rezcyline,
in a 'What race are you' Q&A comic
from 2019

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