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Red Amelix

Claret-red flowers glare from the carcass of a still-squeaking rodent...
The Red Amelix winds through its unknowing host, puppeting
it towards the next victim as it feeds.

Instinct Category: Beast (plant)
Average lifespan - ~10 yrs
Alignment: Neutral
Gender - genderless

Signature abilities:

Can manipulate its host’s mind through its roots

The Red Amelix is a variant of the Amelix family - parasitic,
semi-intelligent plants. Its stem and branches resemble
crystal or metal, with dagger-like roots for burrowing. It’s signature
claret-red flowers reveal piercing yellow eyes in their centres when open.

Behaviour and Interactions:
Unlike its green variant, Red Amelix is independent of its host,
moving between victims to feed and spread its seeds.
They tend to infect young Aubirchants and small creatures,
but will use those bodies to attack larger prey, including mortals.
Despite the pain an infection can casue, their influence means that
hosts rarely notice.
The deep red petals are a warning to any adventurer maneuvering
the wilderness. If one finds a forest-dweller far from home and
acting overly-friendly, it is wise to check for red flowers
and steer clear.

Appears in:


An Aubirchant infested with Red Amelix,
The Rogue: Nodus Tollens I

Vyante fleeing from an overgrown Red Amelix plant,
The Rogue: Nodus Tollens I

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