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A nature-bending spirit of chaos. Some say they command Entropy’s purest element.
Pandectres manipulate the energy that all in nature possess to change their forms, often in reality-bending ways.

Instinct Category: Celestial
Average lifespan - 10,000 yrs
Alignment: Neutral
Gender - 80% genderless | 10% male | 10% female

Signature ability:
The Pandectran Flame - a strange force
that can absorb and manipulate
life-energy and matter. It appears as a
blue, pink and orange flame.

Appearances vary, but they usually resemble angels with feathered heads, several eyes and/or mouths and
one or two pairs of wings. Their arms resemble tendrils concealed with fins. Marking cover Pandectres’ bodies.
Pandectres start as “Incompletes”, humanoids covered in Pandectran markings. Incompletes have their true forms
as a separate being within them, called a Pandectran Aura. Both halves must merge to unlock their full potential.
Many in this early stage learn what form of chaos they specialise in.

Behaviour and Interactions:
Pandectres are generally guided by nature’s call for change. They travel from place to place, absorbing and
distributing the world’s energy, even if it means destroying or reforming populated lands. A few, however,
will feel inclined to spare those trapped in the midst of their work however they can.
Interactions between two Pandectres can be violent, as each fights to paint the land in their own image. In recent
times, however, groups of Pandectre have formed, with the aim of holding the most control over nature’s power.



Glailey, an Incomplete Pandectre
with her Aura, Tempus

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