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On the rooftops of mortal towns, Lachaese watch for the spiteful, feeding on dark thoughts and emotions.
The next day, only rubble will remain of the homes they’ve haunted.

Instinct Category: Corruptor
Average lifespan - 9,000 yrs
Alignment: Neutral
Gender - 33% genderless | 33% female | 33% male

Signature ability:
Can manipulate calamities to curse people
with misfortune. Most will only specialise
in controlling one type of disasters,
such as natural disasters or plagues.

The defining features of a Lachaes are their three scythe-shaped horns - two on the sides of their
heads and one arching over from their head.
They tend to have long hair, or manes that flow down their backs, which act like tails. Most will
clip them short or even braid them, making them a kind of fashion statement amongst younger Lachaes.

Behaviour and Interactions:
Lachaes tend to live and work in a legion with other Corruptors, bringing about the end of
mortal societies. They are only a problem to those who perpetually exhibit dark thoughts or emotions,
which they feed on. Lachaes will haunt these mortals until either they mend their ways, or the
Lachaes has enough power to curse the victim and fuel themselves. Older Lachaes tend to become more scaly.



Adron, a Lachaes,
in a 'What race are you' Q&A comic
from 2019

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