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Humans are “Rift-Walkers” who find themselves in Entropy and decide
to settle here. They can’t learn magic without external help, but are skilled and
resourceful crafters.

Instinct Category: Mortal
Average lifespan - 80 yrs
Alignment: Varies
Gender - 33% non-binary | 33% male | 33% female

Signature abilities: None

Assuming you're human, you should already know
what they look like.

But in case you don’t, humans are plain-looking bipeds
with earth-coloured hair and smooth ear-lobes. Their
skin-colours vary from pale-cream to deep-umbre.

Behaviour and Interactions:
Humans are the most common Rift-Walkers - beings that
stumble into the Entropy World from rifts between dimensions.
While they cannot control magic naturally, they are able to
create incredible pieces of technology using
the world's resoucres. Thriving human cities can rise from crafting and
selling magical artefacts.
Humans tend to look out for themselves. While some are happy to
share space with Entropan beings, many are quick to distrust them.
They make easy victims to Corruptors, but can just as easily best them.

Appears in:


A human boy,
Amaryl Carnival chapter 0: Before the Show

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