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If you spot three amethyst eyes in the darkness of a forest, run.
Gashanphs are vicious predators that see almost everything as a meal.

Instinct Category: Beast
Average lifespan - 50 yrs
Alignment: Neutral
Gender - 50% male | 50% female

Signature abilities:

Impeccable strength and ramming ability

Gashanphs are hulking, carbuncle-like monsters with
long tusks of metal and amethyst. They have three eyes
shielded by crystal, and clusters glowing from their claws and
shoulders. Metallic spines line their back. Their strong legs and
dragging arms support their heavy jawlines.

Behaviour and Interactions:
Gashanphs stalk mountainous forests with tons of mineral
deposits, which they will eat if they cannot find food.
Packs are only two generations small. They guard their territories
with extreme ferocity; anyone passing through is a potential meal.
Gashanphs are strong, persistent hunters, tearing down trees
to catch prey and chasing them far from their homes. Their
jaws are bigger than their stomachs; they tend to get stomach-aches
from gorging themselves.

Appears in:


Two Gashanphs chasing Spix,
Amaryl Carnival chapter 1: Little Newcomer

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