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Essences wander the ruins of long-forgotten cities, carrying on the old gatherings their relics were once
used for. Music chimes from within their cores, calling to entities that never existed.

Instinct Category: Celestial
Average lifespan - varies
Alignment: Varies
Gender - 70% genderless | 15% female | 15% male

Signature abilities:

varies depending on the artifact
they’re formed from.

Essohla are cloaked spirits formed from the relics of long-gone eras. Their cores are crystalline structures
with the fragmented relic in their centre. While their cores and cloaks may vary in appearance,
their ethereal forms are shapeless, with several invisible arms. A pair of these arms wih be bonded with
their cloak to form tangible arms and hands.

Behaviour and Interactions:
Interactions with Essohla depend on the state of the lost civilisation they are from. If a new society has
built itself on-top of it, then its people may find themselves living with frequent Essohla activity.
Essohlas typically mean no harm to mortals, and attract a lot of beasts and animals to the areas they haunt.
However, some Essohla may be driven by business left unfinished by the society that used their relic. This
may cause them to become benevolent or malevolent to other beings until that goal is fulfilled.



Andromeda, an Essohla,
in a 'What race are you' Q&A comic
from 2019

Andromeda, without her cloak
in Prophecy of Ydeleo
Chapter 1: Emerge

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