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Ravenous wandering voids that linger in burned-down cities.
Embiar are typically subordinates to more destructive beings.

Instinct Category: Beast
Average lifespan - ~50 yrs
Alignment: Neutral
Gender - genderless

Signature abilities:

Pyromancy - can spit and manipulate the fire within their 'stomachs'

Embiar are long, slender beings made of ivory-gold
flames. Fire flickers from their eyes, hair and four
arms. Despite their appearance, they are not that hot -
though touching them would be unwise. Instead,
the hottest part of their bodies are their bloated
stomachs, which are split to form a gaping maw. Their legs are stubby
in comparison to the rest of their form.

Behaviour and Interactions:
If a town looks abandoned, but the houses still seem lit,
it may be taken-over by Embiar. They follow Corruptors
whose influence has driven a civilisation to collapse,
inhabiting the ghost-towns that remain. Any remains of mortal life
are crammed into their stomach-mouths, including survivors. Travellers will sometimes
mistake an invaded town for a normal town, never returning.
It is said that Embiar appear wherever Corruptors are
leaving. Some will use them as members of their
legions, before abandoning them in an ideal settlement.

Appears in:


A pair of Embiar disguised as guards,
The Rogue: Nodus Tollens I

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