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A monochrome dragon guards the rainbow nebulae of the Realmless,
collecting the souls of wanders. The living often pass through
without knowing of its existence.

Instinct Category: ???
Average lifespan - ???
Alignment: Neutral
Gender - Female

Signature ability:
Controls and manipulates the Realmless

Duality takes the form of a black and white-scaled,
serpentine dragon. She has two conjoined heads - one of
reason and one of chaos. Her tail and wings glow with the
colours of the Reamless.

Behaviour and Interactions:
Duality is one with the Reamless Path, the space between
dimensions, and is thus in tune with all Rift-Walkers that
pass through. She also knows all the [REDACTED],
taking charge of the soul-fragments that not even they can recycle.
Few ever see Duality in person, and less see her full form.
She does take curiosity towards those strongly connected to the
[REDACTED]’s power, and will test their willpower.

Appears in:


Duality appearing to Glailey,
Gentle Chaos chapter 1: Fade In

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