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Flocking at the peak of pillar-like mountains, Dryivns watch the ground for
prey, and the stars for messages of the future.

Instinct Category: Beast
Average lifespan - 500 yrs
Alignment: Neutral
Gender - 50% male | 50% female

Signature abilities:

Clairvoyance - they can read the stars and hear spirits

Can shoot elemental projectiles based on their diet

can learn to speak Common and several ancient languages

Dryivns are wyverns with feathered wings and human heads and hair. Their feathers, scales and hair
can vary in colour depending on their habitat and diet.
Males have less-human faces and have darker colours than females. The offspring are born with pale
scales, which gain colour as they age.

Behaviour and Interactions:
Dryivn tend to stay within their mountain territories, with any trespassers being considered
potential prey. Some mortals risk their lives to find or even capture Dryivns for their fortune-telling
abilities, but neither rarely ends well.



Spix, a young Dryivn,
in a 'What race are you' Q&A comic
from 2019

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