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Kindly communities of fluffy mortals, who build their homes in the thick of forests.
Burrowing beasts nor weary travellers are a bother to the tiny Boekens.

A Luna Rabbit Boeken

Instinct Category: Mortal
Average lifespan - 100 yrs
Alignment: Varies
Gender - 33% non-binary | 33% male | 33% female

Signature abilities:

Strong and (in most cases) dexterous
tails that can coil around objects.

Elemental magic that varies depending on sub-race

A Frost Boeken

Boeken are fluffy, animal-like beings standing at only a few feet tall. They have four ears, whiskers and
long striped tails with pawed ends.

There are four sub-races of Boeken:

Luna-Rabbit - with yellow or green rabbit-like ears and ball-ended pawed tails.They are able to harness static electricity to attack.
Cat - with orange, pink or yellow cat’s ears and ball-ended pawed tails. They are able to harness heat to attack.
Lake-Fin - otter-like Boeken with fins on their heads and limbs, and fish’s tails with barbed tail-fins. They are excellent swimmers and can control water.
Frost - thick-furred Boeken with blue bear’s ears and thick, pawed tails. They are able to harness ice to attack.

A Lake-Fin Boeken

Behaviour and Interactions:
Boeken form small settlements akin to human and Anchen ones, hidden in thick forests, or deep
caves and valleys. They live mostly rurally, using the properties of plants and crystals to power their
homes and infrastructure, such as for lighting, heating or powering clock-work machinery.
They tend to get along well with other beast-like mortals and sapient beasts, letting them live amongst
them so long as their lives don’t clash. The communities Boeken form are often warm close-knit
environments, which attract many homesick travellers and boon-granting Corruptors.
Some Boeken - often with their tails cut short or coiled around them as a waist-band - can be found in
multi-race cities, working as carpenters or craftsmen.



Takk, a young Boeken,
with his sister Lia

Takk in a 'What race
are you' Q&A comic from 2019

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