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Humanoids that share attributes with various animals or mythical beasts.
Despite the multitude of sub-races and capabilities, they are often looked down on by other races.

Two Second-Generation Beastlings

Instinct Category: Mortal/Beast
Average lifespan - 100 yrs
Alignment: Varies
Gender - 33% non-binary | 33% male | 33% female

Signature ability:
Varies based on the sub-race

Appearances vary depending on the beast they share attributes with, as well as what
“generation” they are from.
First Generation Beastlings are naturally born as near-anthropomorphic
beasts, with little human attributes besides physique and language.
Later generations are born from interactions with other mortals.
Second-gens appear as furred or scaled humanoids with most animal attributes and abilities intact.
3rd gens lose their fur/scales and most only have a few animal features link wings or tails.
4th gens and beyond only have one or two animal features left, which are often deformed.

Behaviour and Interactions:
Beastlings tend to live in “packs” - clans containing family and/or close allies. These packs can
range from five-six members to 30. They can either be feral or civilised
depending on their pack.
1st gen Beastlings tend to live in packs only containing members of their sub-race, and are larger.
They can either be feral, or liver by their own socal codes. Few other mortals will
even approach them, but those that gain their trust are treated like one of the
pack’s own members.
2nd gen Beastlings may live with their 1st-gen elders, or decide to live amongst society. Those that chose
the latter live in smaller packs with other 2nd gen Beastlings, or will go alone. 3rd gen Beastlings rarely live
outside of society, living with other 2nd and 3rd gens. Many 2nd and 3rd gen Beastlings will experience prejudice
from other mortals for their appearances and physical abilities.
4th gen Beastlings are likely to live alone, as they experience the most brutality, even from other Beastlings.
People often address them by the derogatory term ‘thin-blood’.



Vyante, a 3rd Gen Beastling
and hix half-brother,
Kyma, a 2nd Gen Beastling

Vyante in a 'What race are you'
Q&A comic from 2019

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