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A patch of tree-folk bury their roots on the shores
of a riverbank, carrying a wild village in their heads...
An Aubirchant’s jewel-like berries are beacons of life in dark forests.

Instinct Category: Beast
Average lifespan - 100-300 yrs
Alignment: Good/Neutral
Gender - 65% genderless | 12% male | 13% female

Signature abilities:

Impeccable strength
Can grow glowing berries with a multitude of properties.

Aubirchants are the treants of Aubirches, trees with
winding gold bark and fibres. They look almost-humanoid, with
spindling tree-trunk legs, branch-like arms and roots for feet.
Their canopies sprout from their head, hosting glowing
berries of various colours. Like regular Aubirch trees,
they can appear with platinum-grey bark.

An Aubirch tree

Behaviour and Interactions:
Aubirchants live in deep forests, particularly Glitter-Tree
or crystal forests with jewel-like flora. They act as guardians
of their territory, and surveillance to the fauna that live there.
Some elderly Aubirchants will let other creatures
nest in hollows in their heads.
Aurbirchants are strong, but easy to snap or infect.
Parasites can easily sway their actions or reduce them to
husks without them noticing. In spite of this, they are gentle,
building wisdom through their territory or frequent wandering.

Appears in:


An infected young Aubirchant,
The Rogue: Nodus Tollens I

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