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Entropy’s most basic beings - the equivalent to the Human World’s beings.
Anchens live in tune with Entropy’s natural magic.

Instinct Category: Mortal
Average lifespan - 100 yrs
Alignment: Varies
Gender - 33% non-binary | 33% male | 33% female

Signature ability:
Have the potential naturally wielding elemental magic.

Anchens are humanoids with lilac skin and forked ears. Their hair can have a wide range of colours, and
may even change colour naturally at the tips.

Behaviour and Interactions:
Anchens tend to build large communities or kingdoms wherever they can easily settle. They use any
magic existing in the land to their advantage, working their lives around it.
Anchen children with enough magical capabilities will train in particular elements, later growing into
associated professions. Other Anchen occupations include the making and selling of food, potions
and artefacts.
Anchens are typically accepting of other civilised mortals, but are also most likely to catch and enslave
powerful beasts, since they know of their magic potential. Some will even try to trick Corruptors into
haunting them if it will grant them some benefit, though this rarely ends well.



Occo, an Anchen child,
in Everygrey Valley Chapter 1: Keyframe

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