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A ghastly foe stalks Entropy’s deadliest paths, searching for the wounded and staggering, lapping at their desperation.
A few nightmares from an Aglodyne, and there’ll be nothing left of this mortal but despair.

Instinct Category: Corruptor
Average lifespan - 8-9,000 yrs
Alignment: Neutral/Evil
Gender - 33% genderless | 33% female | 33% male

Signature abilities:

Powerful illusion capabilities, including
the ability to induce nightmares and hallucinations

Can see the fears of others

Sharp spikes on their hands and tail.

Aglodynes are monstrous violet-skinned Corruptors with two or three horns. They’re mostly defined by
the red protrusions on their bodies, which grow in quantity with age.
Long, sharp spikes extend from their hands - two on their knuckles, one on their wrists. They have large,
skeletal pincers on their backs, and red tails covered in spines. With age, several mouths and
extra pincers can grow on their bodies until their humanoid physique becomes indistinguishable.

Behaviour and Interactions:
Algodynes tend to work alone. In fact, they hate having others feed off of their target’s emotional state, and
will fight other Corruptors over the victim.
They stalk areas with high death tolls, from dangerous paths to towns in the midst of pandemics. Those
nearing death or just struggling to stay sane are their targets; Aglodynes will feed on their fading
emotional strength until they have nothing left.
Algodynes will use the victim's fears to torment their victims. If they can’t get their victim to break, they
may start to bludgeon them with their spikes or pincers until they give in. Without magic, the best
way to make an Aglodyne is to never give up hope.



Vemo, an Aglodyne,
in a 'What race are you' Q&A comic
from 2019

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